Imagine if you could get
leads and sales
EVERY TIME you go live...

I have something that will help you do exactly that.


For those of you who are new to live streaming (or new to profitable live streaming), I am sure going live and asking for the sale still feels intimidating.  

I get it because I used to feel the same.  

I used to get really nervous at the beginning of my broadcasts and forgot to welcome the replay viewers. 

I used to make rookie mistakes such as NOT having a call to action at the end of my broadcast. 

I used to be afraid to ask people to share my stream and just the idea of selling on a live stream felt super sleazy to me. 

I then decided to study other successful live streamers and to implement some of the tactics I was seeing. 


I have done over 1000 live streams, 

and from that, I created the perfect Live Video Checklist to always keep at my side to remind me of the most important things to do and ensure that my time on camera is well spent. 

Not just that but also to ensure I have a powerful call to action every time, so I can get more leads and sales. 

If you want to feel more confident and less awkward, if you
want to use my structure and script for capturing the attention and converting the audience...

My live video checklist will become your new best friend you never knew you needed.

Not to mention, it will remind you to ask for the sale, so you will also make more sales!

JUST $27

The Perfect Live Video Checklist

A simple checklist to help you run a professionally structured, engaging and highly converting Facebook live (or Instagram / Youtube live) broadcast, so that you don't have awkward silences or don't waste your time, ever again.

  • If you are not sure what to say and when on your Facebook Live Broadcasts...
  • If you want to make sure you look like a PRO on camera from Day 1...
  • If you want to be more strategic with your live videos, so that you can get more viewers and convert more followers into your offers....

Hey, It's Katya 

The Worlds Leading Viral Video Creator and Marketing Strategist

Looking to uplevel your live
streaming game? You are in the
right place.

I have personally done over 1000 live streams in the last 5 years myself and reached millions of people with my teachings, over 100k followers and over 3000 paying customers.

That experience has allowed me to create the best live video checklist on the market to help you get leads and sales. 

I am not your typical entrepreneur. I believe that we are students for life and that I get to share with you what works for me as I go along. Come say "hi" on Instagram @livestreamkatya. 

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With the Perfect Live Video Checklist,

you will be able to:


Structuring Your Live Broadcasts for profitability will allow you to have a flow, direction and professionalism. Even if you're a total newbie on camera, you can generate leads and sales.


You know the old saying "it's cheaper to keep customers than to acquire new ones?" Same with your broadcasts! Keep your viewers engaged for longer, because you  won't be just 'winging it'. You will always have something to say next.


Make your audience feel nurtured and comfortable, and as a result they will be more likely to recommend you and buy from you. And you will no longer feel sleazy asking for the sale as I'll give you my exact script to give the most powerful call to actions!


Once you master live streaming, you can start inviting other influencers for interviews, build strategic connections and attract big opportunities. My first speaking gig in front of 200 people fell on my lap because of ONE of my live streams!

" I LOVE The Checklist! "

" It's EXCELLENT for Self-Study "

" Super Easy to Follow..yet so Comprehensive "

" ..Successful FB Live yesterday.. "

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